Stacey Phillips, MS, PT

All Aboard Pediatric Therapy Northwest Arkansas

Stacey is a Physical Therapist.   She is certified in Interactive Metronome, Masgutova Neuro-sensorimotor Integration (MNRI), Advanced Cascade DAFO Bracing, Neuro-developmental Treatment, and pediatric Kinesio taping. She has attended various courses specializing in Early Intervention, sensory integration, wheelchair assessment, Brachial Plexus Injury, and aquatic therapy. Stacey has a wide variety of experience working with children, including outpatient, home health, and school based pediatric therapy. She lives in northwest Arkansas with her husband, two daughters, and dog Frasier. Stacey enjoys sewing, crafting, watching college football, and being a Girl Scout leader. Her favorite thing about her job is watching a child’s face achieve something they did not think they could do. She loves helping parents be a strong voice and advocate for their children, because they know their children best!